Group placing
DC, Cherche' Afterglow at Artemis, SC, DPC, PR

Delta Pet Partner & 2008 CWA National High Scoring Dual AKC Champion

Owners: Rhonda M. Gold and Michael A. Small



August 30, 2008
Amelia is now DC Cherche’ Afterglow at Artemis SC, DPC, Delta Pet Partner and
2008 CWA National High Scoring Dual AKC Champion

photo by Terri Kieffer

Nov. 19, 2006 - Amelia becomes a DUAL CHAMPION!!!

Congrats Rhonda and Michael on finishing Amelia's conformation championship!! 
And THANK YOU for giving Thelma the last notch in her belt toward her ROM title!!

Sept 4, 2006
 Amelia earns her AKC FIELD CHAMPIONSHIP finishing with 3 majors!!!

Amelia - 1 yr old

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