MACH 2 Cherché It's all Understood,


Owner: Ariel Schoenfeld



April 2012 - Savvy finishes her MACH 2 title!!! 
I'm such a proud breeder and so proud and happy that Savvy keeps Ariel around!!  LOL

December 3, 2010 - Savvy finishes her MACH title and ends the year #6 Agility whippet and #24 hound!
This makes Savvy one of 8 other whippets to ever achieve a MACH title and only the 3rd bitch.
Here's the video of her and Ariel on their last QQ to their MACH . . .



#9 AKC Agility whippet for 2009!!!

. . . where life's all about kicking ass and taking names . . .

photo by Jeremy Kezer

August 2009 - Savvy finishes her Excellent Jumpers title with an awesome run at 5.17 yards/sec for a 1st place!!
They moved up to Exc B on Sunday and had another awesome run at 5.12 yps, earning 9 MACH points!  WAY TO GO!!

August 2009 - Savvy finishes her Excellent Standard title !!  She needs one more leg for her Excellent Jumpers title. 

March 22, 2009 - Savvy and Ariel finish their Open Agility title and place 1st beating out a 16 yr old 3 legged Border Collie <VBG>!

March 8, 2009 - AND AGAIN . . . Well, here's another one... at the trial today Savvy picked up her second Open Standard leg,
and for their very first time in the Excellent ring she got her
first Excellent Jumpers leg with a 2nd place in Exc A JWW 20" !!! 

What's Ariel is not telling us is Savvy is only competing against one other dog a 16 yr old Border Collie with 3 legs.
She promises to have more AWESOME videos to follow!

March 7, 2009 - They did it again . . . another agility title . . .
today Savvy finished her Open Jumpers title with another 2nd place!!
She also got her first Open Standard Q. 

March 1, 2009 -
Here's Savvy being absolutely perfect to get her 2nd Open Jumpers leg with a 2nd place in the class!

Nov 2008 - The team of Savvy and Ariel continue to amaze me . . .
Savvy now has her Novice Agility title!!  Way to go!!

Here are some videos from their most recent weekend:


Oct 2008 - Savvy earns her Rally Novice title! Way to go!!

September 22, 2008 - Well  . . . I wish I had the time and energy that Savvy and Ariel have to play all the time <G>, Crystal and I are so proud of the both of them!!!  As breeders what more would you want in a show/performance home!!!  With that said . . . her newest brag . . . Savvy now has her OTC (Oval Track Racer) title!!!

August 31, 2008 - Savvy was back at it again this weekend . . . earning her first AKC Agility title -
her Jumpers with Weaves title to finish her NAJ.

August 24, 2008 . . . Savvy earns more agility titles this weekend!
She and Ariel went to 2 days of a CPE agility trial, and ran in 9 classes.  Out of the 9 classes she
got 8 Qs and 8 first places!  Each time she was either the fastest or had the most points of
all the dogs in her level (all jump heights)

June 2008 - Savyy goes to a NADAC Agility trial and earns her TN-N title (Novice Tunnelers)!!!!


May 2008 - Savvy earns her CR title (WRA companion racer title)! 
Way to go Ariel and Savvy . . . what a team!

(3 photos above by Steve Surfman)

April 13, 2008 - Savvy earns her JC title!!!

Savvy at 21 months

Savvy goes WB and BOW under breeder Judge Joan Goldstein the same day that her littermates, Luther & Jackie are being shown in GA and winning
 WD, WB, BOW and Best of Breed for 3 point majors!  What a weekend for the Rags x Liv litter!

6 months

5 months

photo above by John Huff
4.5 months old


12 weeks old


11 weeks old


10 weeks old



8.5 weeks old


8.5 weeks old


6.5 week old candids


6.5 weeks old



4 week old candids

3 weeks old

1 week old





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