DC Cherché Arborlea Upside Down, SC, FCh, MC, LCX


Owners: Chuck and Mallory Ballard of Arborlea Whippets in South Carolina

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Health testing

Luther get his LCX title in early 2012!!  Way to go!!

December 2010 -  Luther garners two BOB's for 80 points and two 1st toward his LCM . . . he now only need 26 points for his LCM title!
July 23,2010 - Luther finishes his bench championship in NY making him a Dual Champion
(2 weeks after his sister, Jackie obtained her DC)!  Later that same day he went to an AKC Field Trial
and won Best of Breed (he has only ran 3 times this year)!  Now that is what a dual purpose dog is supposed to do!
Now he can go back to lure coursing on a regular basis . . . he will being to work on his LCM.

Thank You Jan Swayze-Curry & Grahm Swayze Fudge for your work getting that last point in NY!!

December 8, 2009 - Luther earns is Master Courser title and has picked up a few more points in the conformation ring.
He also only needs a few points for his LCM!  Way to go Pod!!

January 11, 2009 - Luther ends 2008 #10 AKC lure coursing whippet!!!


Dec 2008 - MAHA AKC Trial (Sunday) Luther continues to burn the field up . . .
he brings home another Best of Breed win defeating 28 whippets!! 
We think he might end up in the top 10 for the year -
he has ran on a VERY LIMITED basis as a special (I think it's 9 or 10 times).
He is always ran as a Special, never in open!

August 4, 2008 - What an AWESOME birthday gift to me . . .
Luther was Winners Dog on Sunday, August 3 at the Midwest Supported for a
5pt major under Kalen Dumke!!
Special THANKS go to Lesley Potts for an awesome job handling him to this win!!

July 2008 - In his first ASFA trial, he went BOB over Top ranked dogs. 
This qualified him for the ASFA International Invitational, where he placed 2nd on Saturday
and 4th on Sunday in a large open class. 
He finished is ASFA F.Ch. by going BOB over 10 Field Champions.  Once again, in only 5 trials.  

May 11, 2008 - Luther is currently #4 AKC Lure Coursing whippet!!

March 15, 2008 - In only 5 trials in 3 weeks. . . Luther finishes his AKC FC title!!

March 8, 2008 - Luther wins another 5 point major his second weekend out . . . he only needs 2 singles to complete his AKC FC title!!!!   Photos by Uma Rapiti

Feb 23-24, 2008 - Luther wins a 5 point major and 3 points his first weekend out on the field!!

Look at the dirt fly!!!

Photos by David Watkins

Luther & Chris at the Southern Specialty! 
Photo taken by Julie Poole

September 16, 2007 -Luther earns his JC title and waits for his chance to run next year!

At 11 months old Luther wins his class at the Eastern Specialty!!

(We like his off-show side best - photo taken at 10 months old)

Thank you Patti Widick Neale for taking the time to take some lovely photos of Luther!!!!

At Luther's first dog show (the weekend before the National) he wins WD for a 3pt major under Kent Delaney!!!  His sister, Jackie won WB, BOW and went on to win Best of Breed over numerous top 20 specials!

After returning from the National we decided to hit the Peach Blossom Cluster supported Hound show where Luther won RWD to a 5 point major under breeder Judge Shelley Hennessey.

At the Gray, TN shows in May under breeder judge Harriet Lee, Luther was RWD again for another 3 pt major!

Luther will be shown selectively through out the year.

Thanks to all the judges that have recognized him and thanks to his fans and admirers!!

6 months old


13 weeks old


12 weeks old


7.5 weeks old


6.5 week old


candid 6.5 week old


4 week candid w/ Wewa



4 weeks old


3 week old


1 week old





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