Pup born Father's Day - June 18, 2006 

 Ch. Hound Hill Classical Rag, CD, JC x SBIS Ch. Hycks Hollow Heart & Soul

Pups Pedigree More photo's of Liv

(photo of Rags above was taken at 12.5 years old)

#1 male - "Sailor"
Cherche' Dark Water & Stars

#2 female - "Savvy"
Cherche' It's all Understood

#3 male - "Devo"
Cherche' Rodeo Clowns

#4 male - "Luther"
Cherche' Upside Down

#5 female - "Geisha"
Cherche' Dreams be Dreams

#6 female - "Jackie"
Cherche' Sexy Plexi

#7 female - "Banana"
Cherche' Banana Pancakes

Jackie & Luther 8 mo
All pups were Baer tested at 7 weeks and are Normal.
Liv has been:  Cardiac, Baer, Cerfed - all were normal
Rags has been: Baer and Cerf tested - all were normal

We are so thankful that Cora Miller of Hound Hill and Susan Bolduc have graciously allowed us to use Rags.  We have long admired the dogs at Hound Hill and are also pleased to have Ch Locar's Martini on the Rocks, ROMX become a part of our lines. 
We hope the combination will be successful.

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