Cherche' Sugar Fallin from the Sky, SC

Owners:  David Watkins, Chris Durance-Watkins and Crystal McNulty
Breeders: Chris Durance-Watkins & Crystal McNulty

Lindsey plans to begin her show career in 2011. 
Pictured above being shown for the first time since a pup, at the Midwest Specialty 
where she placed 2nd in Bred-By under breeder/judge Wendy Gay!


Lindsey at the Southern 2008

Feb 24, 2008 - Lindsey earns her JC title!!!!  Photos by Uma Rapiti

Below are photos of Lindsey on her 1 yr birthday (1/27/2008)
Look for Lindsey and her sister, Loran on the field this year.

photo credit to her daddy . . . David Watkins

Lindsey wins BEST IN SWEEPS at the Midwest Specialty

at 6 months and 1 week old with an entry of 50 puppies!!!  Thank you to Breeder Judge Graham Swayze!!



19 weeks old



Lindsey's trip to the Lake - June 2007

(double click on the photo)


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