Cherche' Legend Has It

Owners:  Stephen & Lori Mauger
Dover, NJ
(MBIF DC Snow Hill Obvious Child, MC, FCh, CRX, OTR  x Ch. Cherche' Blushing Knock Out, SC)

(Trooper kissing a young girl at Meet the Breeds in New York)

Lori Mauger knew that Trooper was destined to come live with her and her husband, Stephen. I was the one that needed convincing. I thought Lori was impulsive
when she decided to jump on a plane to fly to Georgia in July to meet the pup with the intent of taking him home. She wanted to surprise her husband
and only told a handful of people her plan.  


Honestly, I was hesitant and initially a bit leery when Lori first contacted me. Over the next several weeks I spoke with Lori on the phone and she provided numerous references
that all confirmed that she would provide a fabulous home and that I would be foolish if I didn't consider her and Stephen as prospective owners. 
Everything that I learned about them seemed awesome, so I agreed.


When Lori and the pup met, it was love at first sight! "Trouble" as he was called at Cherche', being the first pup in the litter to get into everything needed some
direction in his life, someone to keep him busy. They immediately developed a special bond.


The pupís trip home was a crazy one. At 8 weeks, he was small enough to fit in a pet carrier bag under the seat. The homeward bound flight included several
connections that resulted in Lori having to sprint through the airport (puppy in tow) to catch the next flight. She called tearfully between flights as she realized with
reconnections and flight changes and such that the pup would spend a very long time in the carrier bag. Upon arriving in her home state, Lori called me once she had
walked the pup at the airport and told me that he was no trouble at all in fact, he was a "Trooper".  We are happy to welcome Lori and her husband to our family.

Here is a link to Trooper doing what he does best . . .

Trooper on the
Bosu Balance Trainer

Trooper going up stairs . . . backwards

Check back for updates on Lori and Trooper

We are so proud of what they have accomplished . . . and he's only 8 months old!