Fergal x Annie pups
4 boys & 3 girls - Born May 8, 2010
9 weeks old

Not the best photos of the pups as it was late in the evening and we were some REALLY tired people! 
We just plopped the pups up on the table and took a quick snap shot and moved onto the next pup.
Thanks Ken for snapping so quickly.
If there are any blue pupils its from camera flash.

Last week pups were leggy this week they are high in the rear . . . growing pups!

#1 Girl - "Truffles" AVAILABLE  (has 1/2 her eye rim pigment)
white w/ blue-fawn - OOPS! That's dirt on her side
#2 Male - "Schnitzel"  AVAILABLE to a performance or loving pet home
Irish marked fawn with colored ears and dot on head
(has 1/2 his eye rim pigment)
#3 Male - "Nibbles" - white w/ blue (eye patches & 1 spot on show-side loin)
#4 Girl - "Bea" - Irish marked fawn with mask
#5 Male - "Trooper" (was "Trouble") - Irish marked black (white belt only goes 1/2 way over loin)
Lives with Stephen & Lori Mauger in New Jersey!
#6  Male - "Chowder" - Irish marked fawn with fawn 'bra' over ears
(complete rim pigment except a speck in one inside corner)
#7 Girl - "Fergie" - All white except one black ear on show-side
(has over 1/2 her eye rim pigment)