Fergal x Annie pups
4 boys & 3 girls - Born May 8, 2010
10.5 weeks old

All the pups have lumps on their necks from their vaccination.
10.5 wks is a weird growing time for pups!

#1 Girl - "Truffles" AVAILABLE  (has 1/2 her eye rim pigment)
white w/ blue-fawn
#2 Male - "Schnitzel"  AVAILABLE to a performance or loving pet home
Irish marked fawn with colored ears and dot on head
(has 1/2 his eye rim pigment)
#3 Male - "Nibbles" - white w/ blue (eye patches & 1 spot on show-side loin)
#4 Girl - "Bea" - Irish marked fawn with mask
#5 Male - "Trooper" (was "Trouble") - Irish marked black (white belt only goes 1/2 way over loin)

Trooper now lives with Stephen & Lori Mauger in New Jersey!

#6  Male - "Chowder" - Irish marked fawn with fawn 'bra' over ears
(complete rim pigment except a speck in one inside corner)
#7 Girl - "Fergie" - All white except one black ear on show-side
(has over 1/2 her eye rim pigment)