Multiple Award of Merit, Supported BOB

Ch. Cherche' The Memory Remains, JC

Sadly we lost Justin on August 17, 2007!  GOD SPEED JUSTIN!!!!  Tell your dad we still miss him!! Life will not be the same with out you or him.

We do not know the cause of his death . . . test indicated he was negative for Lepto, any tick borne diseases, and Addison's.  He spent a week at the University of Illinois and they sent him home with their hands in the air.  He was in kidney failure . . . the only thing we didn't do was a biopsy on his kidneys for cancer.  No amount of prednisone and antibiotics worked.  He was only 7 1/2 yrs old!

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I want to thank Crystal McNulty, Hycks Hollow Whippets and Jeanie Schroeder, Willabe Whippets for helping me raise Justin and his littermates. The puppies were about 4 weeks old when I learned that I would be going through a divorce.  Crystal and Jeanie took on some of these pups while I was sorting out my life.
The moment Crystal laid eyes on Justin, the exact day he walked into her home, she knew Justin would be staying at Hycks Hollow for us to share. Justin lives with Crystal in Illinois. He is a very sweet mild mannered dog, in this way reminding us of his father, Perry. Justin never meets a stranger - whether it's two-legged or four-legged, that he does not like. He is built much like Perry, but smaller and was given the soft feminine touch from his mother.
Justin at 4 years old is starting to turn heads in the ring. We have high hopes for his future in the ring and on the field. Like his father and mother, Justin will be shown sparingly.
Justin finished his AKC bench championship in late April of 2003. That same year he was specialed at the Midwest and North Central Specialties where he received a Select Award of Merit at each event. Justin was shown again at the 2004 National Specialty in North Carolina where he made all but the last cut of dog Specials. We dusted Justin off and took him to the 2005 North Central Specialty where he was awarded another Award of Merit from breeder-judge MaryBeth Arthur.   A big "thank you" to all the judges who have recognized and admired him.
I have to mention this in hopes to get Crystal out on the lure coursing field again. She has promised me that she will be taking Justin coursing this summer. So look for Justin and Crystal on the field.

Justin wins Best of Breed at the 2006 Southern Specialty supported show under breeder/Judge Joyce Geshweiler of Hunter Hill!!  Thank you Mrs. Geshweiler for giving this handsome man the recognition he deserves!!

Please see Justin's page on the Hycks Hollow website for further information - click below

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