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Elysianís mark on the breed will be long
 remembered, never forgotten, 
and always attributed 
to a great man, Dr James R. Gray


God Speed . . . Jim Bob!  


Donations in Dr. Grayís memory can be sent to:

The Dr. James R. Gray - Stray Animal Fund at the Winder Animal Hospital , 163 W. Athens Street ,Winder , Georgia 30680.

Whippet Health Foundation - contact treasurer :  Dr. Lisa Costello - 14855 Newark Rd, Newark, IL 60541

Whippet Rescue and Placement - contact treasurer:  Jean Schroeder - 17502 South 750 West, Wanatah, IN 46390


January 25, 2006

Today marks the passing of a great man. Dr. James R. Gray of Elysian Whippets passed away after a long battle with respiratory and cardiac problems. Dr. Gray graduated from Texas University and Emory University Medical School in Neonatology.  He served as an instructor at Emory Medical School before retiring from his career as a primary care physician.

For us, the whippet fancy, Dr. Gray will always be remembered as someone who was influential in putting a Ďstampí on the breed.  Elysian Whippets was established in 1962. Dr. Gray was a breeder of Collies before venturing into what became his passion, whippets.  His foundation in whippets began with Kirklea, Hound Hill and Pennyworth. Dr. Gray along with Larry Shaw of Kirklea, Cora Miller of Hound Hill and Pierce & Frances Hembree of A-Few whippets bred along side one another for many years. Over the past few decades he also bred dogs with Longlesson Kennels with, Jan Margaret Swayze handling the Elysian dogs to perfection. 

Dr. Gray bred and owned National and Regional Specialty winners, Best in Field winners and a Futurity winner. He bred some of the most exquisite black whippets, notably, Ch. Elysian Like an Angel and Ch. Chercheí Wizard of the Wind. Angel was the dam of a very influential dog on the Lure Coursing field, Elysian Like the Night, LCM 8, who broke many records in the field during his days. Dr. Gray also owned National SBIS, Multi-SBIS, Group Winning Ch. Elysian A-Few Perrier, LCM, CGC, ROMX and his sister SBIS Ch. Elysian A-Few April Showers.

Dr. Gray was one of my mentors in the breed and I learned so much from him.  He gave my mother and I our start in whippets. He gave us:  Elysian Like the Night, LCM 8,  Ch. Elysian Oh Suzannah, ROM (our foundation bitch) and I received Perry (Multiple SBIS & National SBIS Ch Elysian A-Few Perrier, LCM, CGC, ROMX) as a pup for my 16th birthday.  I am eternally greatful for what he gave me and what I learned from him.





Another champion for Perry and Thelma!

Ch. Cherche' Trapped under Ice, SC, Fch


Sept 4, 2005 - Trapper finishes his Championship!


Congrats go to his owners Dick & Jean Schroeder & Crystal McNulty!

(Click on photo for his pedigree)


Cherche's Chance to Dance, CGC, TDI, CD, JC

Jenna earns her JC title. 

Jenna is by the late NSBIS & multi SBIS Ch Elysian A-Few Perrier, LCM, ROMX and out of the late Group placing Cherche' Sparkling Cyanide, JC, Fch



Chance taking a break from Therapy work! 

Thanks Tim  and Laura for allowing me to keep Chance for the weekend!  He is a joy to live with!  And Thanks for all you do for others!


Cherche' Chances Are, CGC, TDI


Chance is one of several therapy dogs bred by Cherche'.  Chance went to a PAWS for Reading session at a local library last week , June 2005 (he was the only team therapy dog there) and Carolina Canines received the following note from the librarian:

"Today's readings were terrific. One young fellow's mother was nearly in tears at the success her son was having with the dog. He is behind his grade level, and won't read at school nor home. He just got some new glasses, so she thinks that the new glasses combined with the dog was the ticket to success. She was going to call the other locations to see about getting him some additional sessions. We ALL got excited with their reaction!!

Thank you and the Carolina Canines for doing this program."


Congrats Chance!


Jenna National


Cherche's Chance to Dance, CGC, TDI, CD**


(Ch. Elysian A-Few Perrier, LCM, CGC, ROMX x Cherche' Sparkling Cyanide, JC, FCh)

Breeders: Chris Durance and Crystal McNulty
Owner: Susan Colflesh

**Jenna qualified and placed second in her Novice A class at the 2004 AWC National under obedience judge Kent Delaney. This was her 3rd leg acquiring her CD title. Way to go Jenna, we are so proud of both, you and your mother!


Chance making new friends Chance reading with 2 boys


Cherche' Chances Are, CGC, TDI


(Ch. Elysian A-Few Perrier, LCM, CGC, ROMX x Cherche' Sparkling Cyanide, JC, FCh)

Breeders: Chris Durance and Crystal McNulty
Owners:  Mrs. Laura Ford  &  Dr. Timothy Ford, DVM

Chance is a littermate to Jenna (pictured above).
I can't say enough great things about these two dogs. They are in homes I would love to be in myself. Chance's mother is a teacher and his father a vet.
Chance, like Jenna is a certified therapy dog. Chance is a member of Carolina Canines for Service, Inc.. As seen in the photo's to the left he also participates in PAWS for Reading (you might have seen the excerpt on TV during the Westminster Dog Show this year). Chance does Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) in a variety of settings around Wilmington, NC.
I wanted to brag about these two as they are not top winning show dogs, they are in my opinion much better than that . . . they are Therapy Dogs. They both service people in need of their love and attention. They bring smiles to the faces and hearts of everyone they meet.
I as their breeder am SO proud of them! I am so fortunate to have these guys in my life. Chance and Jenna's parents were both very loving dogs and they gave their sweet mild mannered, loving temperments to all the pups that came from this litter.


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