FC Longlesson Private Conversation, SC

(CH Sportingfield Hot Topic x CH Longlesson Ruffian From Arln SC)
OFA Cardiac, BAER and CERF Normal, OFA Hips Good & Ruffian is OFA Cardiac, BAER and CERF Normal)

Born September 23, 2008
Cody is CERF & BEAR Normal


We want to THANK  his breeders: Suzy Hughes (Snow Hill),  Steve Curry, Jan Swayze-Curry (Longlesson) and Mary Childs
for allowing this handsome boy to come live with us.  We also want to THANK Debbie Butt (Sporting Field) for sharing Sully and allowing Cody to come live in GA!
He will reside at Cherche' in GA and be owned by  Dr. Ken Latimer, Chris Durance-Watkins and Crystal McNulty!

Cody at 11 months

Cody at 7 months

Cody at 4 months


Our little man just shy of 15 weeks!

Dec 30, 2008 - Thanks to our neighbor, Walker . . . Cody can now "speak" on command! 
It's too cute!! 
Hopefully it won't come back to bite us in the buttocks.

Cody at 14 weeks

Head profile

OH . . . a camera to chew on . . . yipppee!!

Looking for bunnies!

Happy Holidays!!!

Cody at 12 weeks

10 weeks



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